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Hi there, I'm Dilara - a 24-year-old multidisciplinary creative and storyteller hailing from Istanbul. I'm passionate about experiencing new things, from creative projects to wild adventures.


As a freelancer, I specialize in art, communication, and creative direction. I work mostly with independent organizations and projects, examining the social, cultural, and personal impacts of communication and the products that arise from it.


I'm particularly interested in exploring resistance movement practices through speculative design, researching future communities and alternative common places, and the usage of public space. I'm also excited about the possibilities of web3.


Here, you'll find a collection of my collages, photographs, drawings, digital arts, and other creative projects. If you're looking for a collaborator or just want to connect, feel free to reach out -I'm always eager to explore new dimensions!


Slay, serve, survive !!! <3

34710 / IST

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